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I am available to teach a wide variety of classes and am willing to travel.   If you are interested in scheduling
one of my existing classes or a class based on your group's needs, please feel free to contact me at
covercollage.jpg (378792 bytes) Crazy Patch Goddess Doll                       2 Day Class
Crazy patch has been enjoying a resurgence in the past few years as is cloth doll making. This
project combines both. In this class, the student will start the project by choosing a "focus" fabric and then develop a color scheme of complementary fabrics and embellishments.  Each doll will be unique in color and fabric and body shape. The student will be provided with a predesigned foundation fabric, an assortment of fabrics to choose from to complete the crazy patch and complementary fabric back.  All fabrics will be fancy fabrics, the majority of which will be silk, a preprinted doll face, a butterfly appliqué for beading, and a choice of lace appliqués, ribbons, beads, feathers and trims suitable for embellishing the doll though the student also will be encouraged to bring a selection of their own.  Kit fee $25
alldaughters.jpg (274631 bytes) Neptunes Daughters
This class is currently offered on-line at but can also be taught in a 2 day session
Create one or a  series of mermaids using a variety of techniques including collage fabric combining angelina fibers, tulle, cotton batik and decorative machine stitches, fabric manipulation, and beading. Each mermaid is uniquely embellished and coifed.  Much time will be dedicated to sculpting and coloring the face and chosing fabrics and colorways to ensure your mermaid is enchanting.  Student will be provided with 6 pages of pattern pieces and complete instructions for the three mermaids and also the shell throne.
newsoprana.jpg (117090 bytes) Techniques Workshop                                               1 day
Mermaid Doll and Techniques Workshop                   2 days

Learn all the techniques used to create this stunning mermaid from creating her body fabric using stencils, stamps, paint, paint sticks, crayons, mica powders, and gold leaf pen to using a heat tool to create her body and head embellishments.  Also experiment with hot glue and gold leaf for her fluke,  The student will also manipulate various fabrics by layering sheers over solids to create a new fabric for her fluke and tail.

The student will work with any pattern of their choice for an 18-24" doll and will need to bring the stuffed head to class.
justgacepin.jpg (50195 bytes) Basic Faces                                                   2 day Workshop
Whether a beginner or experienced doll maker, learn some new skills in creating faces for your dolls.  We will start with sketches on paper to perfect feature placement and size and add color and shading to create depth.  Next will be to create a flat face on fabric using colored pencils, fine tip markers and gel pens.  The next step will be to add dimention by creating a profile face and sculpting features then finishing by applying color.  We will also cover correcting mistakes.

Students will be expected to provide their own face coloring kits.  A list of recommended products will be provided

winkingface.jpg (48689 bytes) Advanced Faces                                             2 day Workshop
Ever want to give your dolls a unique expression but didn't know where to begin?   This class will show you some innovative ways to add expression and character to a dimentional head.  Explore creating different effects with applied eyelids, open mouths, and other interesting facial manipulations.
newonekissweb.jpg (78513 bytes) One Kiss Is Not Enough             Optional Kit $20                       2 Days
Learn the techniques used on this prize-winning doll including her expressive face, stylish shoes, and fanciful costume.  She is fully armatured.  Learn to pose her with "body Language". 

Prework:  Prior to class, the student will be expected to have  all the body parts sewed but not turned except the head which should be brought stuffed to class.   All the clothes pieces should be cut out. 

Day 1 we will be finishing the head and armature and starting the stuffing, sculpting the bust, and painting the shoes.  The second day we will be working on the clothes.

Alteredwoodencigarboxessamples.jpg (89898 bytes) Altered Wooden Cigar Boxes
This class is currently being taught on line at Http:// and can also be taught in a 1 day seminar

Take an ordinary wooden cigar box and make it extraordinary using fabrics, gel medium, paints, trims, and embellishments. 

Lessons include:
Preparing the boxes
Creating a stunning finish using Gel Medium, paints, powders, fabrics and trim scraps
Painting lace
Adding finishing touches such as clasps and feet
Making tassels
photoalbum.jpg (230628 bytes) Beginning Silk Ribbon Embroidery                             Kit fee $20     1 day workshop
Students will create this stunning Silk ribbon bouquet suitable for framing or applying to the front of a photo album.  The bouquet contains 3 roses in different techniques, french knot roses, japanese ribbon stitch flowers,  french knot lilacs, and Lazy Daisy buds. 
srelandscapekitpic.jpg (58711 bytes) Silk Ribbon Landscape                              Kit Fee $30                       2 Days
Create this beautiful silk ribbon landscape and learn a variety of stitches to make a beautiful garden of Hollyhocks, roses, daisys, irises, lavendar, fuschia and leaves.   Done on a preprinted silk background, the finished picture measures 4" x 6".  Stitches used are detached posie, loop flower, french knot rose, french knots, lazy daisy stitch, japanese ribbon stitch, spider web roses, pistol stitch, and ribbon rusching.
class1.jpg (579448 bytes) Collage Purse Class                                       1 Day
Using a fat quarter, create a beautiful piece of collage fabric using scraps of metallic fabrics, ribbons and fibers on a cotton base.  Using the stitches built into your machine, stitch the fabric together and use it to fashion a lined envelope type purse.   Each purse will be unique.  Finishing techniques such as adding cording, clasps and further embellishments will also be covered in class.  At the end of the day, the student can have a completed purse!
paperdollsfront.jpg (124102 bytes) Mixed Media Paperdoll Screen                 Kit fee $15                   2-3 days

Using muslin and various papers and fabrics, you will be creating this fabulous tryptich to display.  Embellished with paper dolls dressed as you please, each student will be experiencing working with materials such as silk paper, glitter, various mediums, mica powders, polymer clay and paints.

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