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On August 7, 2010 I attended the Fifth Annual Day With Dolls held in Bronxville NY and hosted by the 3D Doll Club and the Manhattan Doll Club.  There were probably about 70 or more people there along with many of their dolls.  There were wonderful tutorials, one fantastic one on face painting given by a club member and dear friend Maria.  Here are pics I took of the dolls that were displayed.  We were allowed to bring two dolls for display.  Of course, I didn't take any pictures of the two dolls I brought.  Duh!  (Olivia and The Red Queen which can be seen on my blog) Awesome aren't they???? I can't id all of them, only the ones from my Doll Club members.  I tried to get the name tags in, but they were either illegible or incomplete.

colleensdolls.jpg (115246 bytes)

Colleen's Lovely little Ladies.

deloraswillians.jpg (111524 bytes)

Doll by Deloris Williams

dianek.jpg (75934 bytes)

Diane Kearney's Book Illustration

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Small Elves in front by Mimi Weiner

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dorisdoll.jpg (115458 bytes)

Another doll by Doris

gwendoll.jpg (153678 bytes)

Doll by Gwen Jackson

gwenspamgrosseclassdoll.jpg (178906 bytes)

Another Gwen Jackson Marvel

heathers.jpg (101223 bytes)

Heather's dolls

janicedolls.jpg (127632 bytes)

Dolls in back are by Janice Anderson

mariaslittlemermaid.jpg (100780 bytes)

Maria's Litle Mermaid book Illustration

marykdolls.jpg (86462 bytes)

Mary's Dolls

spoondolls.jpg (69717 bytes) violinhumpty.jpg (117129 bytes)