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Here are the directions for my little angel ornaments.  To see pictures of the ones I have made, visit my blog.  They require very little sewing and can be made with scraps!  I printed the faces on a sheet of 200 thread cotton fabric in natural attached to a piece of freezer paper with my computer printer.  I manipulated the image in Photoshop.  The face itself is about 1" round.  Feel free to reproduce the face but please give me credit.  The pattern is for your personal use only.

For complete instructions, click here for a PDF version, click here for a JPG version.   Following are pics of the steps.  For the crazy patch version, trace the body template with seam lines onto a foundation fabric such as muslin.  Using the Stitch and Flip method (here is a good tutorial!) create the base fabric.  Make sure your patches extend beyond the template outline. 

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